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Terms & Conditions

All draft concepts sent by Cornwall Creative Ltd that are previewed by the client are for client review and comment purposes only. Until final design balance is received by Cornwall Creative Ltd, artwork, concepts and designs including visuals, drawing pages and logos, remain the copyright and exclusive property of Cornwall Creative Ltd.

We reserves the right to utilise and/or reproduce any image, logo or illustrations created by Cornwall Creative Ltd in any advertising, electronic or traditional reproduction, with the addition of any copyright and/or trademark notice that may be requested by the owner of the work. The client is granted royalty-free use of the artwork upon full payment of all fees specific to invoice descriptions. Cornwall Creative Ltd retains the rights to concepts, comprehensives and all artwork involved in the design process prior to the final artwork, and is granted the right to use any of the artwork produced in our own promotional, advertising and marketing materials. This includes being able to show any media produced by Cornwall Creative Ltd in our own portfolios.

With regards to finished designs and any other work carried out by Cornwall Creative Ltd pre print or manufacture, we state that we take no further responsibility after artwork has been signed off and approved by the client. Cornwall Creative Ltd will ensure that proofs are supplied when necessary and accurate drawing sheets are used to sign off work including descriptions of each individual project. On confirmation to officially sign off a project you thereby take full responsibility that you are 100% satisfied with the artwork and it is ready for further development for print, manufacture and web.

Quotations will be provided when necessary and on confirmation of a brief by you the client we will thereby commence work. If work has begun on a project after confirmation and the client decides to cease production for any reason, the time spent to date on the project by Cornwall Creative Ltd will be invoiced accordingly.

Invoices must be settled within 28 days as of the date stated.

By using Cornwall Creative Ltd in any way you agree to these terms of service. Should it happen that a client’s own terms and conditions conflict with any of the areas set out on this page, this disclaimer shall be considered to be the authoritative one, unless a separate contract has been produced and signed by the client and by an authorised agent of Cornwall Creative Ltd prior to any work commencing.

If you have any questions about Cornwall Creative Ltd terms of service please feel free to contact us further.